Select Surveys have experience of successfully completing feasibility studies on numerous utility infrastructure projects, particularly in and around city centres. Using a combination of all other site investigation and mapping services alongside those that are more feasibility specific, including 3rd party liaisons and negotiations, we are perfectly resourced to deliver a very cost effective and productive solution.

Our approach is to identify and investigate all SEDs, hazards and other possible failure points early in the process so as to eliminate any unnecessary and costly works at a later stage. Our aim is to not only determine the most physically feasible option, but the most commercially viable one too.

Feasibility specific services:

  • Utility location & mapping services
  • Site investigation works
  • Desktop study
  • Composite plan
  • Route proving
  • Third party liaisons and negotiations


We take pride in giving exceptional service. No matter how big the project or how small the request, we strive for excellence in our response.

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European GPR Association
European GPR Association
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