After retrieving asset information from the utility companies our CAD department are able to re-plot the detail of all apparatus on to a single O.S. background. Because the composite is produced using CAD the user is able to look at any cable or pipeline in isolation or in conjunction with any other buried service(s).

This facility is particularly useful for both route planning purposes and desktop surveys as it allows, at a glance, the operative to determine how congested the site is and where further investigation is required. This service is extremely useful when undertaking route planning works as it allows the planner, very quickly, to determine the feasibility of any particular route.

  • Information transcribed by our experienced CAD operators onto one drawing.
  • Used by many of our clients for design work and utility diversion studies.
  • Excellent tool for planning

Warning – A composite drawing should NEVER be used as an on-site utility plan – beware of companies that suggest it can be – a full set of current utility plans MUST be on site during construction phase and used in conjunction with a utility survey – a composite drawing is not an alternative to a set of statutory undertakers’ plans.



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