Due to the dangerous nature of drilling into the ground around existing utilities, structures and voids, pre-drill utility surveys have become a necessity if not a requirement by clients.

Our directional drill surveys are used widely across the industry. We have a team of dedicated directional drill surveyors who mark out all utilities in the area when our clients are undertaking directional drills, helping to ensure the safety of all on-site personnel.

Dependent on the client’s specification, we can give depths of most plant that has metallic content with an electromagnetic survey. We can also send a signal transmitting sonde into non-metallic utilities where we can gain access to give an accurate depth reading.

Utilities that we are unable to locate with radio techniques may be locatable using a Ground Penetrating Radar system which will also be used to confirm depths of electromagnetically located plant. If a radar is deployed or requested we will also look for voids and solid structures in the ground along the route of the proposed drill to look for potential issues. This again is at the clients request and has proven to be valuable on many occasions in our experience, saving abandoned drills and the expensive loss or damage of drill heads.

If we are undertaking a drill survey to prove or disprove its viability we will often suggest that a sketch or topographical survey is performed to record the results accurately and produce a CAD output.

We are also able to offer traffic management for these surveys should the client require.


We take pride in giving exceptional service. No matter how big the project or how small the request, we strive for excellence in our response.

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