BIM diagram
BIM diagram

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process of delivering and operating built assets using well-structured digital information that all the necessary parties have access to. It is a collaborative way of working underpinned by digital technologies. These technologies allow for more efficient methods of designing, delivering and maintaining physical built assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

Select Surveys can provide data in the form of 3D models and expertise at all stages of the BIM process from project feasibility, definition, design, construction and operation. We provide industry standardisation as far as models and drawings are concerned. Efficiency of projects improve as model information is kept up-to-date, checked and shared by each discipline. As all models are pushed through the PAS1192 workflow, it gives control of data that until now has been unobtainable and guarantees industry compliance.

Select Surveys have experience of working to client specification on large infrastructure projects for Tier 1 contractors, collecting, processing and managing information (as defined in the EIR – Employer’s Information Requirements) through the BIM workflow.

To discuss how we can help you through your BIM process, please contact us.

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