The technical work carried out by Select Surveys is second to none. This contract was carried in the area around Euston station, areas heavily congested with complex networks of critical underground utilities. Although never an exact science, the level of accuracy achieved by Select Surveys will be used as a bench mark in Area South and is testament to the training and development regimen the company employs.


Select Surveys were uncompromising in their approach to the quality of the data they produced and in the method of its collection, this ethos was lead from the top and was evident throughout their organisation.

 Select Surveys were on several occasions used to check the surveys by others and correct the inaccurate data and as such set the mark on the expected quality level on our project. Select Surveys have led on the innovation and improvements of surveys.

Fusion (HS2)

We originally engaged Select Surveys for their value for money price for delivery of  geospatial data for our projects. We have stayed engaged on a frequent basis as they have always been able to meet our needs for Geo-Spatial data collection in a timely and cost effective manner. They have always risen to the challenges we have set by providing state of the art cutting-edge technology to solve our requirements for information.

Highways England

Mike Ambrose
UKPN have been using the services of Select Surveys Ltd since 2007 to identify our plant and produce drawings of the same at various MoD bases as part of a Project Allenby works.

We have found Select Surveys to be efficient and professional at all times and are quick to respond and mobilise as required.

During the eight years we have worked with Select, their works in locating our plant have proved to be an extremely high level of accuracy.

We continue to use Select Surveys on our framework and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

UK Power Networks Services

I have used the services of Select Surveys for 17 years and have always been satisfied with the service and high quality of output.

On the most recent works for us, Select assisted Amey in the successful design of a 24” gas main lay on Roundhay Road, Leeds, where we were experiencing difficulties in achieving a connection into an existing main due to utility congestion in the area. After months of trial holes and unsuccessful attempts to design out the congestion issues, Select performed an Electromagnetic and Radar survey of the area and submitted a 3D model of the subsurface and indeed offered us two options for connection, one of which we successfully built.

Select Surveys experience and high level output is second to none in my opinion and I shall continue to use them for the foreseeable future.