Desktop & Feasibility Studies


Desktop Studies are a non-intrusive and extremely time efficient method of first-phase planning.

Whilst the utility plans are not sufficiently accurate to independently determine the feasibility of any particular cable or pipe route, it will help to determine areas of potential difficulty, including areas of high utility congestion.

They enable benefits such as fast identification of failure points that will save both time and unnecessary expenses on further investigation (which is likely to be more intrusive) and we can generate composite drawings and models that can even be delivered in an augmented reality format.

Our experience of completing feasibility studies across a wide variety of utility infrastructure projects, has allowed us to combine site investigation and mapping services alongside 3rd party liaisons and negotiations, to deliver a very cost effective and productive solution.

We identify potential risks and study them thoroughly in order to clearly present the risks of your project. We effectively identify and investigate all SEDs, hazards and other possible failure points early on in the process in order to eliminate any unnecessary and costly works at a later stage. Our aim not simply determining the most physically feasible option, but we are also committed to finding the most commercially viable one too.

  • Utility location & mapping services
  • Site investigation works
  • Desktop study
  • Composite plan
  • Route proving
  • Third party liaisons and negotiations

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