Many areas of the world have been used for military purposes over the last few hundred years, with densely populated areas in the UK affected by bombing during World War 2. A significant percentage of munitions dropped and fired failed to explode and as a result are still present, buried underground and could be very dangerous.

As part of our Planning and Records services, Select Surveys produce desktop studies for risk assessing sites likely to be affected by unexploded ordnance. Consulting a variety of historical records, UXO datasets and internet resources these reports constitute the initial phase of any UXO survey and inform further investigations and risk mitigation.

At Select Surveys we can provide non-intrusive UXO surveys using magnetometer based methods which detect magnetic anomalies in the ground that correspond in shape and size to unexploded ordnance. We can also conduct intrusive surveys where sensors are introduced into specially drilled holes and used to detect the presence of unexploded ordnance. This method is better suited to built up areas and areas with high ferrous content whereas the non-intrusive methods are suited to greenfield sites.


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