Over the last decade, ground penetrating radar (GPR) has developed significantly and become a powerful tool for utility detection and ground investigation. At Select Surveys, we use the latest technology for both on-site marking up of utilities and for more detailed “Post processed” GPR surveys. The data is captured on site and then digital signal processing techniques are used to maximise the information obtained.

In addition to utility survey applications we also conduct GPR surveys for a variety of other applications.

Bridge deck analysis

High frequency concrete analysis

Road construction investigation

Void detection

Rebar analysis


Select use the industry leading IDS (Ingegneria Dei Sistemi  S.p.a.) GPR equipment and software:

IDS Opera and Duo systems for site mark-up of utilities and the RIS HiMod and Stream array systems for post processed high definition surveys. These can be used for detecting ground conditions, utilities, voids etc with a high degree of accuracy.

GRED HD post-processing software allows highly accurate analysis of radar data and output of the results to CAD.

Uses and Advantages of GPR

  • Non intrusive
  • Depth and positioning of cables
  • Buried service surveys including non-metallics
  • Tunnel and void location
  • Environmental
  • Structural
  • Mine shaft location
  • Electronic trial holes


We take pride in giving exceptional service. No matter how big the project or how small the request, we strive for excellence in our response.

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European GPR Association
European GPR Association
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