Our Sustainability Policy

  • To comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, and codes of practice
  • To consider the most sustainable options for every business decision
  • To minimise the impact on sustainability of all office activities
  • To encourage and educate our staff to do their part for sustainability both at work and at home
  • To review our sustainability performance annually and consider what changes can be implemented to meet our net zero goals

In Practice

We take a number of steps to put our policy into practice, including:

  • Walk, cycle, lift-share and/or use public transport to travel to the office, attend meetings, site visits etc, where practical to do so.
  • Avoid physically travelling to meetings etc where alternatives are available and practical, i.e. online meetings.
  • Reduce the need for our staff to travel unnecessarily by supporting flexible working where possible.
  • Minimise our use of paper and other office consumables.
  • Reuse and recycle office equipment and furniture where possible.
  • Reduce the energy consumption of our office with initiatives such as energy saving lighting.
  • EV charging point available on site.
  • Electric pool car with zero emissions.
  • Carbon Reduction Plan in place to monitor our sustainability performance.