Select Surveys provides manual and automated monitoring solutions to the infrastructure, building and construction industry. We offer a consultative approach working with clients and partners on all aspects of structural and geotechnical monitoring requirements.

During a construction programme, minimising risk is key to ensuring buildings and surrounding structures/infrastructure remain stable. With precision monitoring and early warning systems detecting movement, minimising risk and creating efficiencies is important to our clients. Our measurement expertise is critical throughout the construction process, providing information relating to deformation, deflection, and settlement during the works.

The use of automated total stations and Global Navigation Satellite Systems provides continual monitoring, configured to alarm in the event of movement beyond defined limits for round the clock monitoring. For less frequent monitoring, manual monitoring and precise levelling can be undertaken by our trained surveyors.

























For projects that have particular challenges, wire and power free solutions can be deployed. Examples are track bed twist and cant, embankment slippage, bridge condition, through to tunnel deformation assessment during repair or replacement. These sensors are easy to install, setup and use, eliminating time on or near the area of the works.

With the construction of building and tunnels, there is a massive impact on the condition of the surrounding ground. It is vital to use different geotechnical monitoring solutions from manual inclinometers through to fully automated strain gauges and piezometers to measure water level, water pressure, strain, load and inclination for example.

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