Design & Build

We combine our experienced Designers and our extensive Construction expertise at the earliest possible stage, enabling designers to pinpoint their plans in conjunction with the contractor. We unite services to guarantee maximum efficiencies and subsequently achieve fewer delays, reduced incidents and a greater possibility of exceeding time & budget expectations.

We are certified for meeting the requirements for the provision of technical consultancy & design services to the utility, construction and transport sectors.


If the initial survey, design and liaison is completed efficiently and correctly, then the construction work is a pain free and easily deliverable. We proactively design out the risk of any project, regularly ensuring a seamless delivery for our clients.

We uphold an unprecedented level of accuracy in utility location, enabling a more informed design service.

As one of the UK’s leading survey & design practices, we have been actively supporting UK Construction & Infrastructure projects for over twenty-two years; including the facilitation of design & build for an unprecedented amount of projects. Our delivery model is proving to be near flawless, and has been tested on major projects including hs2, where we have been providing various survey & design works across multiple locations, for clients, contractors and affiliated joint ventures, standing testament to the calibre of our operations and deliverables.

“It is a priority to get it right from the start”

Our management team has accumulated over 400 years’ experience, working with over 150 clients and liaising with Councils & Stakeholders year on year, to find solutions in design. Our formula achieves an unprecedented level of accuracy, innovation and success in practical and problem-free solutions. Furthermore, we guarantee a seamless delivery by working very closely with a carefully chosen delivery team, with specialist skills in MP/ HP gas mains; large diameter sewers; EHV; and large diameter water mains, allowing us to strategically manage to delivery of designated services in line with our industry-leading standards.

Construction can be the most dangerous industry in the UK, so we prioritise putting safety first in everything that we do. We strictly adhere to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and we interpret them simply to provide the right information, to the right people at the right time; and to establish a chain of responsibility throughout any changes an asset. We know that by leading on health, safety and good management, we can establish a new standard to positively impact everyone working with and around us. When our management of design and construction is at its best, we eliminate the dangers, or manage them away from our workforce, the customers and the general public.