UAV Surveys

Select Surveys provide UAV piloting for Surveying, inspections, and 3D modelling.

Ariel surveys are an effective way to survey large areas or previously in accessible locations. They are efficient in capturing a large amount of data, in a short amount of time that can be processed for different deliverables depending on project requirements. 

At Select Surveys we utilize the latest innovations in software and technology for our UAV surveys, providing the highest standard of work for our clients.  

Benefits of using drones for surveying


Cost Efficient

Utilising drones for aerial surveys can drastically reduce the time necessary on sites, reducing high costs.

Time Effective

Recent studies show drone surveying is up to five times faster than traditional land-based methods.

Map Inaccessible Areas

Hard to reach areas are no longer a limiting factor in surveying, with the use of UAV, safety is priority when surveying highways, railways, or harsh terrains.

Post Processing

Data captured from a single drone flight can be processed in diverse formats to produce traditional 2D and 3D models.