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Regardless of the complexity, our teams are capable of completing any track survey, from plain line to S&C to unequivocal standards. Our highly-skilled workers are trained and experienced in the latest rail track survey equipment, including Robotic Total Stations & Precision Laser-Scanning instruments through to innovative Track Measuring Devices (aka track-measurement trolleys) to ensure optimal productivity, accuracy and safety during the process.

Our staff are PTS qualified and have the support of specialist safety &  compliance teams that comprise Possession Planners, Safe Systems of Work Planners, HSQE Rail Coordinators, Resource & Delivery Managers, COSS’s, as well as Lookout & Site Management personnel.

With the use of a track mounted laser, we are able to compile bespoke spreadsheets to clearly represent the road identification, the location and the horizontal & vertical offsets with consideration to future designs. Our teams are also capable of offering tradition datum plating and we are proud to be able to offer a more comprehensive & technically appeasing solution.

We are proud leaders of innovation and as Ground Penetrating Radar has become a powerful tool for utility detection, we have integrated the latest technologies for on-site service marking and detailed post-processed GPR surveys. It allows us to assess the depth & positioning of cables as well as any buried services, and the exact locations of any mine shafts, tunnels and voids without being intrusive or detrimental to the environment. Our teams are experts in producing clear and accurate representations using all of the information obtained on projects including:

  • Level Crossing Surveys
  • Station Platform Surveys
  • Utility Detection
  • Bridge deck analysis
  • High frequency concrete analysis
  • Bore Hole Clearance
  • Void detection
  • Rebar analysis
  • CCTV Surveys for ducting & drainage

We deliver high quality Topographical Surveys on rail and infrastructure projects across the UK, and we are able to offer output using a wide variety of mapping applications before translating it into GIS and BIM systems in tremendous detail. Our post-electromagnetic and radar topographical surveys account for an unprecedented quality of utility mapping solutions for rail projects.

  • Utility Topographical Surveys
  • Levels Surveys
  • Setting Out
  • As-Laid Recording
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Land Surveys
  • Highways Surveys
  • Platform Surveys
  • Laser Surveys
  • Rail Infrastructure Surveys
  • Station Surveys
  • GSM-R Surveys

Mapping the rail environment in 3D is a critical process prior to any excavations, as it provides cost effective planning; enhances health & safety; and minimises disruption to rail services and subsequently rail passengers during your project.

An accurate and realistic life-model of your project is achievable thanks to our expert CAD technicians who are trained in producing BIM compatible representations, bespoke to your requirements. The surface models that we produce, expose the 3D information in real-size above and below the ground, and our BIM compatible models incorporate unprecedented amounts of GIS data collected from site. We go above and beyond to ensure that they are easy to interpret and relative the real world, in order to offer a clear visualisation of relative utilities, surface features and their locations.

We deploy 3D Laser Scanning methodologies & 2D Laser Sweep equipment to produce remarkably accurate profiles of structures, to measure the relevant proximity to the track. As well as profiling tunnels, platforms and other structures, our PTS Surveyors combine with Gauging Technicians to deliver incredibly accurate clearance surveys, collating 2D & 3D point clouds of the infrastructure areas, subsequently reducing risks and costs for our clients.

Our ‘turn-key’ approach to ground investigation delivers unprecedented benefits to our clients, as our teams excel in desktop studies, initial investigations and site engineering services including setting-out of structures, formwork, earthworks & foundations. With an accumulated 65 years’ experience in our ground investigations team, we provide a complete service that includes:

  • Phase 1 Site Walkovers & Desk Studies
  • Phase 2 Geotechnical Ground Investigation
  • Land Condition Assessments
  • Ground Gas Assessments
  • Foundation & Contaminated Land Assessments
  • Remedial Design
  • Project Management and Supervision

We work closely with government departments, SMEs & major global contractors to ensure that we have the accumulated specialist skills to combine with our experienced management team, enabling us to deliver an unrivalled service within budget and within time.

  • The installation of signage both on and off the railway
  • Installation of REB, DNO and LOC foundations
  • Digging of trial holes in conjunction with our specialist utility mapping teams
  • The refurbishment and installation of troughing and cable routes as well as SPT walkways
  • The establishment of site compounds
  • Installation of fencing, lighting, CCTV and other security infrastructure
  • The installation, extension and refurbishment of railway platforms, roads, footpaths and access features

We deliver comprehensive testing, scanning and analysis of existing structures to determine the compounding factors that contribute towards decay, and we provide detailed analytical reports to establish the most appropriate course of action.  series of extensive structural investigations allows our engineers to articulate the structures potential response during alterations and we present our clients with cost-effective solutions in line with our engineers’ observations and subsequent recommendations.

We provide tangible, real and measurable value to rail contractors by assessing existing infrastructure using non-intrusive methodologies to deliver accurate sub-surface information and enable truly informed decisions. We deploy industry-leading technology to deliver real-time analytics & comprehensive reports that articulate critical data, relative to the sub-surface conditions on all and any concrete structures

  • Concrete floor and ceiling slabs
  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Walls
  • Bridges
  • Underpasses
  • Tunnels

Our Ecologists work in response to any ecological demands to provide management solutions, advisory services and a range of ecology surveys that ensure safety & compliance for our clients, from start to finish.

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisals
  • JNCC Phase 1 Habitat Surveys
  • Protected Species Surveys
  • Natural England Licence applications
  • Ecology Chapters for Environmental Statements
  • Ecologist input for BREEAM and CSH

What seems like an insignificant change to the geometry of a track can actually pose catastrophic consequences to the construction, the maintenance & the environmental conditions that impact the safe continuation of rail services. Our teams implement manned target monitoring, remote track monitoring systems & top and line surveys to monitor cant, twist & settlement, subsequently preserving the stability of the tracks during construction or even environmental changes. Our remote monitoring teams combine bespoke targets & one-second total stations with comprehensive & automated remote monitoring systems to provide real time data directly to stakeholders, facilitating the continued operation of the railway.

We provide manual and automated monitoring solutions to the rail sector, as well as a consultative approach to our clients and partners across all aspects of structural and geotechnical monitoring requirements.

Minimising risk is key to any programme and our priority is ensuring that the surrounding structures & infrastructure remain stable. With precision monitoring and early warning systems detecting movement, minimising risk and creating efficiencies is important to our clients. Our measurement expertise proves to be critical throughout the whole construction process, providing information relating to deformation, deflection, and settlement during the works.

The deployment of automated total stations and Global Navigation Satellite Systems provides continual monitoring, configured to alarm in the event of movement beyond defined limits for round the clock monitoring. For less frequent monitoring, manual monitoring and precise levelling can be undertaken by our trained surveyors.

For projects with particular challenges, we are able to utilise wire-free and power-free solutions such as track bed twist and cant; embankment slippage; bridge condition; and tunnel deformation assessment during repair or replacement. These sensors are easy to install, setup and use, eliminating time on or near the area of the works.

Datum Plating

With the use of a track mounted laser, we are able to compile bespoke spreadsheets to clearly represent the road identification, the location and the horizontal & vertical offsets with consideration to future designs. Our teams are also capable of offering tradition datum plating and we are proud to be able to offer a more comprehensive & technically appeasing solution.

Our specialist teams are highly experienced in carrying out specialist inspections and investigations that are imperative to protecting, maintaining and upgrading the vast stock of road and rail bridges across the UK.

We work in partnership with major contractors, stakeholders, consultants and government agencies, guaranteeing industry-leading technical knowledge for any complexity of works.

With a team of highly experienced engineers and technicians, we are able to guarantee an extensive range of testing solutions, which enable thorough investigation of almost any component of any bridge structure.

We effectively deploy our GSSI BridgeScan system, using Ground Penetrating Radar to provide a non-intrusive, accurate condition assessment of bridge decks & other concrete structures.

Our testing methodology can be crafted to perfectly suit your requirements, including access-challenges & technical nuances.

  • Slab / bridge bed thickness
  • Reinforcing
  • Changes in fill / construction material
  • Defects (stripping, debonding, voids)
  • Conduits, pipes, buried cable and other anomalies
  • Coating Inspection Surveys
  • Corrosion Risk within Reinforced Concrete
  • Cement content of concrete
  • Chloride ion contamination
  • Concrete sampling
  • Depth of Carbonation Measurement
  • Depth of Cover to Reinforcement
  • Half Cell Potential survey
  • Inspection of Reinforcing steel
  •  Specialist Bridge Investigations
  • Aluminum Parapet Investigation
  • Assessment of Fire damage structure
  • Bearing & beam-end inspections
  • Coring to investigate structures
  • Crack Survey & Monitoring
  • Endoscopic inspections
  • Half Joint
  • Petrographic examination
  • Post-Tensioned Inspection
  • Presence of high alumina cement
  • Sampling & testing reinforcement
  • Thaumasite Investigation
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement