PAS 128 is the current British Standard for buried utility detection and it serves to regulate the different survey levels, the different survey methods and the attainable accuracy.

PAS 128 is a useful tool for our clients as it helps to determine the type of survey that they need, and the methodology required. Utilising these guidelines, we can establish which survey grid to use; whether or not to employ post-processing of GPR data; and specific scenarios where survey levels are defined.

We were proud industry leaders in implementing PAS 128 since its inception and we integrate the full scope of the guidelines into our internal training so that all of our surveyors are fully compliant with the practice, and able to offer a comprehensive service to all of our requirements. Our service includes presenting works in both 2D & 3D formats, as per client requirement.

Survey quality is paramount, and we ensure this by utilising multiple detection methods and verifying the 3D dimensions as accurately as possible. The different detection methods, from M1 through to M4 are influenced by the density and risks associated with the area, and as required we have a team of technicians who are expert in GPR data post-processing and are able to work on the GPR data away from site to maximise the information obtained from the data.

  • Desktop Utility Record Search; Survey Type D
    • Quality Level D
  • Site Reconnaissance; Survey Type C
    • Quality level C
    • Observational Survey with reference to existing assets and evidence of previous works
  • Detection; Survey Type B
    • Quality Level B4; B3; B3P; B2; B2P; B1; B1P
    • Assumed utilities without detection; B4
    • Horizontal location via one detection method within 500mm accuracy; QL-B3/B3P
    • Horizontal & vertical location via one detection method within 250mm / 40% accuracy; QL-B2/B2P
    • Horizontal & vertical location via multiple detection methods within 150mm / 15% accuracy; QL-B1/B1P
  • Verification; Survey Type A
    • Quality Level A
    • Horizontal & vertical location above and below the utility within 50mm/25mm accuracy; QLA

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