Transport for West Midland’s (TFWM) Sprint priority bus corridor seeks to improve priority for buses between key intersections of the A34, Birmingham. It aims to help reduce traffic congestion and journey times between the West Midlands City of Birmingham and Town of Walsall.

The scheme comprises a package of improvement measures that include the extension of bus lanes and the prioritising of buses at junction. The scheme also includes the upgrade of bus shelters with better real-time information and the introduction of zero-emission double decker buses.

Select Surveys were instructed to carry out several essential services in various locations along the route including Topographical Surveys, Buried Utility Surveys, Drainage Surveys, and Duct surveys as well as providing Traffic management for the duration of the work.

PAS128 Type B detection surveys were carried out using EML (Electro Magnetic Location) and GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to accurately map locations of each service. This information was combined with topographic surveys to produce a detailed 3D drawing showing the exact location of all underground utilities as well as relevant surface-level entities.

To assess the condition of pipework and the associated chambers and gullies along the highway route CCTV drainage surveys were carried out. Photographs and videos were taken showing the typical nature of the chambers and any specific defects within.

The final reports provided by Select Surveys enabled stakeholders to create the safest and most efficient construction plan for the next phase of the Sprint Bus Corridor project.

  • Project Name Sprint Bus Corridor
  • Client Transport for West Midlands
  • Survey Type Drainage & CCTV Survey, Topographic & Setting Out, Utility Survey
  • Location Birmingham
  • Year 2022