Our role on Didcot Sewage Treatment Works was to establish precise positions of new structures including the Ferric Dosing Kiosk, the MCC Kiosk, Picket Fence Thickener and the TS Pumping Station amongst other Control Units.

Our teams installed and established permanent primary control points and subsequently prepared topographical surveys and utility surveys to ensure clear representation during the project lifecycle and beyond.

We successfully set out the structures by starting with the groundworks before progressing through concrete slab levels & positions, new utilities routes, and finally confirming positions of the key structures including the kiosks, units & silos.

Our final contribution was an accurate as-built survey that was handed over to the client efficiently, without discrepency.

  • Project Name Didcot STW D339
  • Client J Browne Construction / Thames Water
  • Survey Type Topographic & Setting Out
  • Location Didcot, Oxfordshire
  • Year 2018 / 2019

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